About Me

Thank you for stopping by my little corner of the internet; I’m so glad you’re here. This blog is essentially an agglomeration of my dreamt up recipes, creative mind-babies, and tidbits of everyday life... albeit sometimes romanticized through dramatic photography. I started Boiled Wheat as a way to fill my time as a newly married person, in a new place, with no job, but it’s turned into both a job and a therapy of sorts. As a self-trained photographer and amateur home cook, I love to share what I’m working on with those who will give me the time. Whether it be a new recipe, my latest travels or life adventures, my continual journey in learning the art of photography, or, typically, a mixture of all. This is where I come to express, vent, create, and satiate. Yes, it’s mostly about food (I literally dream in food, ya’ll), but it’s also about taking life slowly and intentionally, and trying to find beauty in the mundane.

There is good reason as to why this blog IS centered around food though. Not to get too personal, this is an introduction after all, but I am a person who struggles with chronic physical and mental illness, and as much as I've always tried to stay energetic and positive, it can be  taxing. Sometimes my body can’t keep up; sometimes it just says STOP. And I have no choice but to listen. In those times I have always retreated to my rituals of slow, intentional, and necessary food. Cooking is a healing thing for me, and has become a great way to ground myself when I can do little else. It requires interaction with all of your senses.  It’s art, but it’s needed on the most basic level. So while, yes, my posts revolve around food, that’s not what this is about. In this blog, I hope to explore food that is nourishing both on a nutritional level, and a soulful level (i.e. cake), as well as all things nourishing for the soul, mind, and spirit that are not food. I’ll try to keep it honest and real, but also beautiful. Because I think that’s what life should be.


Why Boiled Wheat?


I didn’t realize it was such an odd (and probably unappetizing) name until I started telling people my URL. Acquaintances often respond with something like, “that’s an… interesting title. Why’d you name it that?” When I first told my family, they just laughed. They understood.

During my childhood, boiled wheat was the begrudged, but well-enforced standard breakfast. It was usually that or nothing… and we often chose nothing. My mother insisted that when we got sick, it’s because we weren’t eating our boiled wheat. That or we hadn’t been drinking enough water. When we were fatigued or sleepy, it’s because we didn’t eat our boiled wheat. If we had a rough day? Probably because we didn’t eat our wheat. Today, I can’t really say that I was wrong as a kid, I mean, I’m not going to pretend fruit loops don’t taste better. But I’ve grown an appreciation. My mother bought that hard red wheat in fifty pound bags, and used a hand-crank grinder to crack it for cooking. She got up every morning before we did to slowly boil the cracked grains into a soft porridge that we’d take a few bites of before running out the door. She took time and so much care. It probably would have been easier to let us eat cold cereal in the name of efficiency, but she didn’t. I learned from her willingness to lean into the process. I didn’t choose the name Boiled Wheat because of the rustic vibe, although a hand-crank wheat grinder is charming as all get out. I chose it because it represents slowing down, and taking the time to be intentional. And that’s really what I’m trying to do in this blog: inspire more intentional lifestyles and meditative practices, induce creativity, expose beauty, and hopefully create a space where we can feel nourished. If you can take any of these things with you, then I’ve accomplished my goal.

Thank you for visiting.