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The Great Move to The Great Land

My body is not ready, but it is preparing. I am an autumn child; I am an October baby. My whole soul shines in autumn, and I come alive. The colors and smells and mood of fall months are my prime of each year. Even my fiance endearingly refers to me as “Autumn Eyes”, which is just a more poetic way of saying they can’t choose between green and brown. But in all honesty, my eyes may shine brighter in the fall. I would not be the slightest bit surprised. It is my time.

However, I’m leaving it all very soon. I’m leaving the colors to go on a brave and icy adventure. In a few weeks, I’m going to leave autumn and arrive in winter. Where Utah fall is at it’s peak, Alaskan winter has already begun, and I’m trying to soak up every ounce of warm color before I go off on this journey. Not to make it sound like my destination will be any sort of disappointment though–that is not the case at all. As happy as I feel surrounded by the golden leaves, I would rather be with my fiance. My soon-to-be husband. I’d brave Alaskan-winter cold for the rest of my life if it meant being with him. He can make my soul feel more radiant than all of the colors and smells of fall, just by being in the room. Forgive my mushiness, but I’m in love and soon to be married. I want to share my feelings with the whole world.

For now, though, I am trying to enjoy what autumn I have. I have gone on a few lovely excursions up the local canyon to enjoy the crisp weather and time with my good friends.

Both of the trips shown here were in the evening, and my camera was having a rough time getting enough light. So the clarity in these photos may be lacking, but the colors still show. I wish anyone reading a happy Autumn and a wonderful day. Until next time, folks.

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